Participative performance „Common Ground“ at Heidelberger Frühling

That was a blast! Over more than six months, I‘ve worked together with young people from Heidelberg, creating a unique performance on searching for the „us“ in a world which is getting more and more separated from each other. In all the many „I“, where is the „we“, we all need to master the challenges we‘re facing in the world right now?

We‘ve started from talking about the meaning of a common ground and also about the different views each of us had on our society and our way of living together. I was confronted with unique fates and also with those who are facing many existential challenges. Searching for the warmth of a family, they never had or the acceptance in society. It was a very touching experience and project. 

The participants wrote their very own and personal texts which were all very outstanding, deep and full of courage and which we brought into a scenery at the concert place. Having the green boxes on the floor which were standing for all the egos in the world, not stepping out of their own box, though it‘s so easy to just go one step out. Only if we‘re coming into dialogue into a real enhance to oneanother, we‘re able to see what‘s connecting us in diversity. That‘s for me the power of music and of such a special performance. 

Many thanks to all the people who where involved and also to Heidelberger Frühling for believing in the performance!

Photo by Nico Rademacher / studio visuell