New Performance @ Mozartfest Würzburg

Fabulous concert format at the Mozart Festival: “Freispiel: Nimmer noch” at the Himmelspforten Monastery in Würzburg was something special. It was about guilt – and more. (MainPost)

​​​​​​​"Nimmer noch" was the name of my latest performance, created for the Mozartfest Würzburg and addressing artistically their festival topic "guilt and forgiveness". In a one year process the question was how to express guilt without naming it. Without saying "you are guilty". 

So the idea was to give guilt a human face and not only one, but four faces as guilt has many of them. What came out was a wandering concert through the atmospheric gardens and spaces of "Himmelspforten", bringing the audience from four separate groups to one whole. In the last station forgiveness was musically addressed through  music by Beethoven and through one candle which was lightened up for each listener for their way back home. 

Also thank you very much for the fantastic reviews in MainPost and Main.tv!